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Fitness Tips
Lazy to workout in winter? Try these 7 tips
1. Start your day with caffeine

2. Stretch your muscles in bed so your brain and body get the message to prepare for a workout, with a few exercises like bridge, knee hugs, supine spinal twists, forward and side sway and neck and shoulder roll.

3. If you’re too lazy to hit the gym, keep a mat and few accessories like the band or stability ball in your room and if not then you can use a chair for squats, leg climbers, tricep dips and more. Use the wall for squats and hand pushes.

4. Call your workout a ‘wake-up workout’ and do these exercises in your room if you don’t feel like hitting the gym for 15 minutes only, just 20 counts and 2 reps: Calf raises

5. Buy new workout clothes, so you feel inspired to work out and feel good about yourself.

6. Have a workout buddy or date, as a friend always pushes you to work better.

7. Motivate yourself for a party or spring or even any smallest unimportant occasion to set goals.

Lastly, remember that summer bodies are made in winters.

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